Saturday, February 23, 2013

How the left's lack of common sense is driving me insane!

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Folks we all know how the liberal mainstream media can make a horror story out of nothing or something absurd. They have done this long before I was born but I never thought I'd see them be this stupid. Last week when Marco Rubio was giving his thoughts on the state of the Union address, he took a sip from a bottle of water. I drink water all the time on my radio show as I know Caiden Cowger and Jayson Velley do the same as well. Drinking water is an everyday thing. I was shocked when I was reading the headline news on my iPad the following morning. Most of the headlines I saw were not about the state of the union at all, but rather about how Marco Rubio took a sip of water in the middle of his speech. The media accused him of having "dry mouth" and lying about his views. Wolf Blitzer was practically orgasmic about it on CNN (or as I call it "Communist News Network"). Is the media this board that they have to make a story about a water bottle? The MSM has been making stories out of nothing for years but this is an all time
low for them.

Also in the news, a third-grade student was suspended from school for throwing imaginary hand grenades at imaginary terrorists. The liberal Nazi teachers explained that it's against school policy to use weapons of any kind even if they're imaginary. Lets apply some common sense to this situation shall we? The kid is a third-grade boy. Third-grade boys like to pretend that they're killing imaginary bad guys. I know I did when I was his age. The kiddo was not hurting anyone. In fact no one else was around to watch him except for this "Skrool" teacher. The liberals worry that pretend violence is going to turn this kid into a serial killer. Yeah right. Believe it or not third-grade boys can pretend to kill terrorists and still grow up to be normal well functioning citizens in society. Yet, there are idiots out there who believe that the teacher did the right thing no matter how absurd it may seem to the rest of us.

The scary thing is that more and more people are falling into this pattern of thinking. People always ask me what I think is wrong with the country the most. I always tell them that simply put, it is the lack of common sense among ordinary people. I see this increasingly among my peers in high school and in college. My mission is to restore conservative commonsense in my generation and preserve it for future generations. That's why I started my radio show five years ago and that's why I'm working with Caiden and other young Conservatives. If conservative common sense is not restored in this country, we will be doomed. We have to stay consistent, and we have to call the MSM out on their bull. We must speak without fear. I started my career as a political commentator when I turned 14. I am now a young adult getting ready for college. A lot has changed over the last few years for me. One thing has not changed: I am still an active conservative and NOTHING will EVER change this. I joined Caiden in asking you to stand with us. It's time for our generation to stand for we believe it. It's time for us to usher in the next generation of conservatives.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy birthday to Andrew Breitbart! You're still with us in spirit

Today is February 1, 2013. It is the beginning of a new month, the weather is getting warmer, but we also come together to celebrate one of our fallen conservative allies. Andrew Breitbart was a conservative heavyweight champion and in my opinion, he is the prime example of what a conservative journalist should be: daring, brave, witty, tenacious, fearless, and yet respectful and open hearted. Over the past year I've had chance to speak with some of Andrews friends and colleagues, all of whom said that he was an outstanding guy. Andrew was a goofball and had his own irrelevant sense of humor yet was extremely passionate about Conservative journalism and its values. He called things as he saw them was not afraid to speak out. Andrew also had an unorthodox way of dealing with his haters/enemies. On Twitter for instance, he would retweet the vile comments liberals would make towards him and it would upset them when he did so. He used their own hypocrisy and hatred to expose them and that's why he was feared on the left. He understood them better than they understood themselves at times.

On the day when Andrew died, I posted a YouTube video saying that I would stand for his values and would continue to fight he left us with. I hope I have been able to do so successfully. Some of my conservative colleagues have called me "the Andrew Breitbart of my generation." I'm not even half the journalist that Andrew Breitbart was but I appreciate the title and I will do my best to carry it with honor. I like to personally thank Larry O'Conner and Ben Shapiro for doing an outstanding job with running the Brietbart Media Network.

Andrew, I wish I could've met you when you were alive but I know you are watching over us from heaven. You have helped to make me a better conservative and I will be forever thankful. Happy Birthday my friend.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Caiden Cowger: a fellow champion of Conservative Values

On my radio show last week, Caiden Cowger joined me as my first guest of 2013 to discuss gun control and the attacks from the left towards Conservative teens and college Conservatives. On Tuesday night of this week, I posted a video on my YouTube channel to state that I stand with Cowger against the left. I was immediately attacked by his haters and was accused of being a bigot and a homophobe even though I stated that I have homosexual friends. They have completely proved Andrew Breitbart's thesis about the lefts tactic of divide and conquer. I'm proud to call Caiden a close friend and ally. You can find more info on Caiden and listen to his radio show at

Folks, I urge you to stand behind young Conservative Warriors like Caiden and myself. Our future depends on it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paul Ryan: just what Romney needs!

n my last column, one of the points I made was that Mitt Romney  would need a strong conservative running mate to counter the liberal BS. The day after I wrote my column, Paul Ryan was announced as the VP pick for Mitt Romney. I didn’t know much about Ryan, but after reading more about him I like what I have found.
First of all, he is a grassroots Conservative who understands the values of The Constitution as it was written by our Founding Fathers. He understands that big government is the problem and that government reduction is the solution.
Ryan is also well-known for working to reduce government spending. He has made it clear that fiscal responsibility is one of his top priorities. In fact, Ryan’s fiscal responsibility policy has even impressed individuals on the far left, such as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles who is also the head of Obama’s deficit reduction commission. Here’s what he had to say about Paul Ryan
Have any of you all met Paul Ryan? We should get him to come to the university. I’m telling you, this
guy is amazing. I always thought I was okay at arithmetic, this guy can run circles around me. And he is honest, he is straightforward, he is sincere. And the budget he came forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, honest, serious budget, and it cut the budget deficit, just like we did, by $4 trillion. The president came out with his own plan. And, the president as you remember, came out with a budget. And I don’t think anybody took that budget very seriously. The Senate voted against it 97-to-nothing. 
This is a case of a man who may not like Ryan,but respects him and appreciates Ryan’s knowledge on fiscal budgets.
The thing that I most admire about Ryan, is his ability to stand at the mainstream media and other liberal scumbags who have lied and cheated in order to destroy him and Romney. He is not mean about it, but still calls them out on their crap. An example of this is when he dismissed two hecklers at the Iowa State fair. He didn’t yell at them, but rather pointed out their ignorance and unruly behavior.
The Obama campaign came out with an attack ad which stated that “Ryan is too conservative”. Several newspapers including The Denver Post,  stated that “Romney picked a radical choice”.
The left is afraid of Paul Ryan! There is no denying it.

I used to fear that Romney would lose the election. I was praying that Romney’s VP would be a strong grassroots Tea Party Conservative. My prayers were answered with Paul Ryan! I am now confident that Romney can win the election. The election won’t be easy to win, but Romney can win with Ryan at his side. We will take back The White House!

Conservative 2.0: social media’s effect on the conservative movement and why it is so critical to everything we do!

Last Sunday evening I had the opportunity to speak with Tamara Jackson on my radio show. Tamara is an active blogger and user of social media networks for the Conservative Cause. Her website is read by hundreds of conservatives on a daily basis. ( She is an avid tweeter and Facebook user. She encourages all those in the conservative movement to engage in social media actively. Since early 2010, I have been spreading the exact same message. For the Conservatives to win, it is critical that we use social media to our advantage. Social media consists of multiple elements such as blogs, podcasts, Twitter,  Facebook, etc.
You may be reading this and asking yourself “why is social media so important as a conservative?” This is a question that many people have asked me over the years and I believe I have finally formulated a definite answer.
In 2008, Barack Obama’s campaign launched one of the most  effective strategies to win an election… They used social media. The Obama’s campaign launched their own social network for supporters to be involved and connect with each other. Barack Obama also had an active Facebook account and was receiving fans daily. Twitter also played a major part in winning the 2008 election. Meanwhile Sen. John McCain’s campaign was lagging behind in the social media craze. The campaign was still sending out letters by mail, making boring campaign calls, and spending way too much money on television advertising which people skip through anyway. John McCain’s campaign was outdated and ineffective. Can simply failed to connect with  people in the technology demographic, and therefore lost the election.
In 2009, Conservatives got smart! Not only was the tea party  successful in driving the conservative movement, the Conservatives also took over social media. Ordinary everyday conservatives suddenly became well-known bloggers and journalists, Conservative home-grown radio shows were taking over the podcastsphere. Even teenage conservatives such as myself have become feared among the liberal establishment and we’re not going anywhere. This my friends, is what I call the Conservative 2.o Movement. People now trust the independent voice of conservative 2.0  to get their news and more importantly the truth. The mainstream media hates us. They hate us because they know we are more effective than they are. And they have tried to destroy bloggers such as Andrew Brietbart, Matt Drudge, my friend Hugh Hewitt and others. They have not and will not succeed. Viewership of mainstream news networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC, has dropped to an all-time low.
Bottom line, The Conservative 2.o Movement is here and we are more powerful and more journalistic than the #MSM (mainstream media) which has been hijacked by the radical left, ever will be!